Hair Bows for Dogs

One of the cutest things on the planet is seeing dogs dressed up with hair bows in their fur! After they’ve been freshly groomed, smelling so nice and their fur brushed all curly and fluffy, the best part is seeing the dog hair bows!!! Our neighbor asked me to make matching hair bows for their Maltese. It just made me smile thinking about how cute this is going to be!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make dog hair bows! These bows are made with french barrettes so that they really stay in the dog’s fur firmly.

What you will need is:

2 pieces of 5/8 inch solid ribbon 14 inches long

2 pieces of 3/8 inch matching grosgrain ribbon 6 inches long


Hot Glue


30 mm French Barrettes


So, let’s get started on making these adorable doggy hair bows! Take your ribbon, fold it in half and seal the edges with a lighter. Grab the longer piece and let’s make a boutique style hair bow.

Take the ribbon and make your first loop on the left. Then, make your first loop on the right. They kinda look like McDonald’s arches a bit. Make sure those 2 loops are the same size. Take your bow and turn it a quarter turn to the left (your bow loops are facing the left now.) Now, you’re making loop number 3 and then tucking your ribbon behind the ribbon of loops 1 and 2. Now, finish your bow by adding the 4th loop down to the left. My video tutorial for these bows are below if you need a more visual approach to making these bows.

Next, take your thread and put 2 ends of your thread into your needle. This leaves a cute loop at the end. Now, put your needle and push it through the center of your hair bow, and back through. Now put your needle through the loop and pull it. Easy way to secure your thread, right?! Wrap your thread around your bow twice and secure off the ends of the thread in the back of your bow. Take your scissors and cut.

Next, get your hair spray and spray your hair bow, and let it dry. This will help the loops to stay put and give your bow a nice firm hold.

Now, take your 3/8 inch ribbon, take and tie your ribbon in a simple knot. Make sure the point of the knot stays out. Hot glue your knot to your bow. Then take your french barrette, pinch your barrette open and take out the middle loop and set it to the side. Next, wrap the ribbon around the back and hot glue both ends to your barrette. As you are securing it to the back, be sure to clip the ends and seal them with a lighter. Then, you can hot glue the ends to the back.

After that is complete, you can add your middle metal piece back to the barrette. Pinch the barrette closed and you’re all set!

So that’s how to make one hair bow. Repeat the process to make a second one if you need matching bows for both ears!

Mine turned out fabulous and my neighbor loved them! When you make yours, let me know how they turned out in the comments! And for what breed of dog did you make them for?

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