Ponytail Streamers

One of the most fun parts of going to sports games is getting all dressed up for them! Ponytail ribbon streamers are one of all time favorite hair accessories for little girls! There are so many different color possibilities to make with your ponytail streamers! When you make pony O streamers, you add a group of 4 coordinating ribbons, and the most fun part is that you want to have really cute prints that look great together and also that show so much pizzazz!

When I made these ponytail streamers, I thought a really cute set would be perfect for my daughter that has yellow and pink and turquoise – perfect for a fun summer hair accessory! She can wear her pony O streamer in the summer, at school, and at softball, soccer or other sports games!

So let me get down to showing you how to make a pony tail ribbon streamer!

The supplies you need are:

4 pieces of 1-1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon 16 inches long

2 pieces of 7/8 inch ribbon

1 piece of 3/8 inch ribbon

5 inch piece of 3/8 inch ribbon

Ponytail Holder

Zip Tie

Hot Glue

First, measure and cut out your ribbons to the correct size. Take your ribbon and fold it in half. Then take the ends and fold them together. And cut them on an angle with your scissors.

Then seal the edges with a lighter.

Lay your ponytail holder down on the table. Now, line up all of your ribbons in an X pattern.

Next, take your zip tie and slip it underneath the center of your X. Put your ponytail holder over your zip tie.

Flip your zip tie over so that you can start gathering your zip tie and clicking it together. As you start pulling the zip tie closed, gather your ribbon together in an accordion style. Make sure that your ponytail holder is underneath the ribbon. Pull your zip tie almost closed. Then, slip the end of the knot around to the back of your streamers. Now, you are ready to close it tight and clip the edge.

Now it’s time to warm up your hot glue. Take a cute piece of 3/8 inch ribbon and tie a knot. Put hot glue over your zip tie. Place the 3/8 inch knot over your hot glue.

Next flip your ponytail holder over to the back and put some hot glue over to the back. Bring your ribbon over to the back. Trim your ribbon and seal the edge with a lighter. And place both ribbon ends over to the back of the ponytail streamer.

And that’s it! These are the cutest ponytail streamers! You can make a set for your entire sports team to match their uniforms! I love the football, soccer, or softball printed ribbon that you can put on these ponytail streamers that will be perfect for any occasion!

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