Infinity Hair Bow

This Infinity bow is a mix between a pinwheel bow and a figure 8 hair bow using faux leather sheets.  This hair bow is super unique and fun to make!  This glitzy hair bow is one of the many projects you can make using glitter leather sheets. The glitter bow tutorial makes about a 3 inch hair bow. You can use a French barrette or alligator clip on the back of this hair bow, or even attach it to a headband! How funky and cute this turned out to be! So let’s get down to it!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Faux Glitter Leather Sheets (we have lots of options available on our website from a smooth glitter to a smooth leather or chunky glitter sheet)




Hot Glue

Alligator Clip

So grab your leather sheet, pen or pencil and scissors, and turn your leather sheet to the back side.

First you’ll grab your ruler and measure the length of the edge… 4 inches from the edge all the way down. Now measure 4 inches down the width. You’re going to be making a 4 inch square.

Now, take your ruler and draw a diagonal line from the angle to angle inside your square. You’re going to be drawing an “X” inside your square.

Now, take your ruler, and find one of the inch marks (let’s say, put the 7 inch line right on the inside point of your X). Now Draw a dot 1/2 inch down from that X. Now draw a dot 1/2 inch up from that X. You’re basically going to be making a small square on the inside of your X.

Go to the other line of your X and continue the same process. Start at the middle of your X and draw a dot 1/2 inch to the left and right of your line. Next, take your pen and ruler and connect the dots to draw a square right over your X.

Next, take your ruler, and draw vertical lines on 2 edges of your square. See the red lines in my photo below.

Now, take your scissors, and cut out the purple shaded area (in my diagram). Leave the spaces in white open to make your hair bow.

Now, take out your hot glue gun and put a dab of glue in the center of your X. Fold point C inwards to the center of the X. Repeat this step putting hot glue on your center, and bring in points B. Now repeat this again on your left, and put hot glue down, and bring in point D to the center. Then again with hot glue and point A to the center.

When you are folding your points A, B, C, and D to the center, this is most like how the pinwheel hair bow is made. Okay now, you want to take the I – J strip and cut about 1 inch of length off of it. Then, put more hot glue down in the center of your X, and then wrap your I – J strip around the center of your hair bow. Flip your hair bow, put more hot glue on the back and fold the last part of your bow onto the back. Lastly, add some hot glue to the back and add your alligator clip to the back.

So this infinity hair bow turned out fantastic!  I made one for my daughter and she just loved it! I love how funky and unique this hair bow is! Sure to be a show stopping hair bow! Let me know in the comments how your hair bow turned out! 

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