St. Patrick’s Day Tieback Tutorial

There’s something fun about St. Patrick’s Day – I always love eating corned beef and cabbage – it’s one of my favorites! Eating Lucky Charms with the kids, and, of course, making sure to wear green! Nobody likes getting pinched on St. Patty’s Day!

There’s a new thing the kids started doing at school. Have you heard of it? They make this Leprechaun trap and put all these goodies nearby to catch him. I think it’s like a spin on the Elf on the Shelf, but with a pot of gold and more decorating involved. My daughter sure got into the fun of making one!

Today we’re going to make our own special St. Patrick’s Day decoration. It’s a lovely floral tieback, which is like a headband, but more versatile to whatever size you need. This is the type of headband that is perfect to use at a newborn photo shoot. I love the different photo props that are used for newborn photography sessions! This infant tieback is going to be adorable!!!

Here’s the supplies you need for this tutorial:

Jute – 1 yard

Paper Flowers – 3 green

Pip Berries in Green

Hot Glue

Marabou Puff

Felt Circles


First, our pip berries and paper flowers come on wire stems in sets of 12. Separate your paper flowers and pip berries to get the amount you need for your headband.

Stack the 3 paper flowers, and 1 pip berry stem and twist the wire stem around.

Take a 1 inch felt circle and your jute out. Oh and make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in and warmed up! Put a dab of hot glue on the center of your jute. Then, put your felt circle on top of this. This will make a base for your headband.

Next, cut your marabou puff in about 1/3 of the size to give you just what you need. Put more hot glue on your felt circle, and then lay your marabou puff on top of this. Put another dab of hot glue on top of your marabou puff.

After that, then lay your flower piece on top of the marabou puff. Then, wrap your wire around your jute to secure it. Then, wrap the remainder of your wire back and behind your flowers and felt circle. You can put a bit more hot glue on the back of your felt circle, and then put your wire on the back of this to secure it even better. Then, take your scissors and cut the remaining part of your wire.

So that’s it! Isn’t that the most adorable, delicate headband! I just love the daintiness of this headband. This tieback is so versatile – you can make this same headband with different colors such as pink or purple or ivory! There are so many possibilities!

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