Pinwheel Ribbon Sculpture

I love the pinwheel ribbon sculpture! It’s easy to make the pinwheel hair clippie using grosgrain ribbon, hot glue and an alligator clip. This is a great no sew bow to make for beginners! You’ll love how eye catching this ribbon sculpture is!

The pinwheel hair bow reminds me of putting plastic pinwheels in the yard, next to a row of daffodils in the spring, smelling the scent of blooming tulips and in the spring breeze while watching the pinwheel spin around. Pinwheels are even more fun when they are multicolored! Then you can really see the pinwheel spinning around.

Okay – let’s get down to making this cute hair bow!

Supplies Needed:

1-1/2 inch ribbon (4 pieces 3 inches long)

Rhinestone Button, Pearl, or Tiny Button

1 inch Felt Circle

Pen and Paper

Measuring Tape

Hot Glue



Needle and Thread

Lined Alligator Clip

First, get your pen and piece of paper. Take your measuring tape, and measure 2 inches from the corner to the side and draw a dot. And then measure 2 inches from the corner to the side. And then from the dot to the dot, there should be 3 inches wide.

Now, cut this triangle out of your paper. This will be your template that you will use to make your pinwheel. Now, get your 4 pieces of ribbon that are 1-1/2 inches wide. Put your triangle template over your ribbon piece and cut out the ribbon into triangle shapes. Get out your lighter and seal the edges of your ribbon on each side.

Now that your pieces are cut out and edges are sealed, let’s get your hot glue warmed up! Grab your 1 inch felt circle. I grabbed a self-adhesive felt circle and put your middle of your triangle over the center of your felt circle.

Now, you need to take the inside of one of the corners on the left and hot glue it into the center. See my template below. You want to take corner B and hot glue it to the center point A. Then continue this with corner C and glue it to point A. Then follow along with corner D to A, and then corner E to A.

Next, you want to take your lined alligator clip and hot glue it to the back of your ribbon sculpture. Lastly, take your pearl or your tiny rhinestone, and hot glue it to the center of your ribbon sculpture.

And that’s it! Isn’t that the most adorable ribbon sculpture! The trickiest part is to hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the center. But with practice you’ll get the hang of it and be so proud of the hair clippie you made! Thanks again for watching our tutorial and reading along with us! Comment below if there’s another ribbon sculpture you’d like for me to make!

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